About us

The Patient Advice and Support Service is an independent service which provides free, accessible and confidential information, advice and support to patients, their carers and families about NHS healthcare.

The Patient Advice and Support Service:

  • can provide you with information, advice and support if you want to give feedback or comments, or raise concerns or complaints, about healthcare provided by NHS Scotland
  • helps you understand your rights and responsibilities as a patient
  • works with the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland to improve healthcare provision – work that can be done because of the feedback you provide.

You can access this service from any Citizens Advice Bureau in Scotland. Your CAB adviser will refer you to a Patient Adviser if it is appropriate, who can provide specialist help or support regarding the NHS in Scotland.

You’ll find the contact details for your local Citizens Advice Bureau at www.cas.org.uk.  You can also access Adviceguide to get advice and information online.

To find out who to contact in your local area go to the Local advice page of the website.